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Names. Addresses. Resources. Sure, they’ve changed once or twice. What has not, and never will, is Packer Thomas’ tireless dedication to excellence, ethics and truth—the very stuff the firm was founded on.

1923. Roy T. Bell, Charles Alverson and Ralph Mateer found Roy T. Bell & Company in what is known today as the Chase building in Youngstown, Ohio.

1924: Ralph Mateer, at the young age of 23, responds to the industrial boom in Trumbull County and leaves Roy T. Bell & Company to establish a Warren office.

1929: Following the death of Roy T. Bell, Elmer E. Burgeson exerts his energy toward re-establishing the firm’s presence in Youngstown.

1936: William F. Packer makes partner.

1949: The firm separates to form Packer, Deislinger and Johnson and Burgeson & Thomas.  A notable transition begins to shift from a conservative CPA image to an extrovert, embracing community involvement and service.

1965: A monthly newsletter is established for OSCPA.

1971: Packer Thomas begins utilizing Youngstown State University resources and hires their first intern during tax season. 

1974: The firm develops a para accounting service for smaller clients and begins to alter services to fit the unique needs of clients.

1985: Two offices merge to create Packer Thomas & Company, a larger, stronger organization.  This year also marks the first computer training session, which was held in Georgia.

1992: Packer Thomas enters the Cleveland market.

1993: The firm acquires the Youngstown branch of Ernst & Young, reinforcing its prominent position in the industry. Packer Thomas takes on niche cliental, including Manufacturing, Automotive, Government and Non-Profit.

2001: Winner of the BBB National Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics (now the International Torch Award).

2003: A Business Fraud Campaign is designed to protect business clients from losses that total over $600 billion nationwide. Packer Thomas acquires Nick Paolini’s practice and opens a New Castle office.

2005: Tom Johnston’s Practice merges with Packer Thomas’ New Castle Practice.

2008: Packer Thomas named one of Best Employers in Ohio.

Today: With a dynamic staff of more than 60, versatile service capabilities and up-to-the-minute technology, Packer Thomas remains a substantiated leader in Accounting, Tax, Audit, Business Consulting and beyond.

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