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Employees from all parts of the nation appreciate the unique quality of life found in the Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania area. Not only is there an array of entertainment, such as professional sports, museums, cultural activities and the performing arts—the area is also known for easy commutes and affordable housing.
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A Fine Place to Be.

Practical support. Timeless integrity. Perpetual growth.
At Packer Thomas, we do more than push out paychecks. We push professional limits.

With our broad client base, you can master any industry domain. No two accounts are alike; no two days monotonous; no end to the knowledge you’ll acquire. And chances are, you’ll have some fun, too.

Want to make partner by 35? Whatever your path or prerogative, consider it a joint effort. By promoting and actively nurturing your unique talents, Packer Thomas works to help you achieve your potential. We offer extensive training programs with ongoing learning opportunities, industry challenge, continual performance feedback and an open door policy.  When we say our staff is knowledgeable, experienced and happy to help, we mean it. And we understand the effect one employee can have on the progression of an entire company.

Does success ultimately lie in your own hands? You bet.
But at Packer Thomas, we do everything possible to keep them strong and able.

From the highly experienced to the brand new to the biz, Packer Thomas is career rut kryptonite.

Hard Work Never Goes Un-Rewarded.
Packer Thomas understands the relationship between pampering, play and productivity. Not only do we offer competitive salaries and benefits, we know a few “extras” do wonders. Surprise flowers and treats, catered lunches and the best coffee in the Mahoning Valley are just a few tokens of our appreciation.

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