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“Many employers say they value their employees but Packer Thomas actually shows us that we are valued. Everyone here is so nice and helpful from the Paras to the Owners. Everyone makes time to answer your questions. Many employers offer training, sick time, vacation, and health insurance but we get that, and so much more, catered breakfasts and lunches, flowers, treats, and coffee to die for. The thing that I value most is that I am treated with trust and respect. I count myself among the lucky few and work doesn’t seem so much like work anymore. I am proud to be an employee of Packer Thomas.” —Para Accountant

“Packer Thomas has provided me with the opportunity to gain experience and learn about so many areas within public accounting. Staff at every level of the organization always help and answer questions when I don't understand something. And, as a result, I’m continually increasing my knowledge of the accounting industry. I couldn't ask for better people to work with. From day one, I felt like part of the Packer Thomas family.” —Associate Accountant

“Packer Thomas has welcomed my inexperience and successfully guided me through a very challenging first year. The Packer Thomas environment has enabled me to grow as a professional as well as a soon-to-be college graduate. It is not a surprise that Packer Thomas has been named one of the best employers in the State of Ohio.” —Junior Associate

“Packer Thomas provides the team atmosphere that is critical to grow professionally. The employees at Packer Thomas are eager to not just answer questions, but to make sure you understand the answer and can apply it in different situations. Packer Thomas is also very cognizant of their employees' personal lives and they provide a work-life balance that is second to none!” —Associate Accountant

“Starting my career with Packer Thomas is one of the best choices I have ever made. When I first started as an intern, I was treated the same as everyone else in the company. This is something I really appreciated and admired about the firm. The experience and knowledge I have gained within the last few months has really increased my confidence level in this field of work and study. I owe a lot of this to how helpful and supportive everyone is in the office.”
—Junior Associate

"I was unsure of what to expect out of my first position out of college, but I could not have landed in a better situation. Packer Thomas has a family environment full of great people that are always willing to help and are genuinely interested in your advancement in the accounting field." —Associate Accountant

"It feels as if I am beginning a new career journey at Packer Thomas. The learning experience is far more advanced than what I have previously encountered. The workload is also so varied. It is almost impossible to get bored. And best of all, I truly enjoy the flexibility of the work day here at Packer Thomas. It provides me with the ability to better balance my family life as well as my professional life." —Para Accountant

"Packer Thomas has given me the opportunity to become well-rounded in the accounting industry, before I have to decide what specific niche I would like to pursue. This approach helps to ensure that I will be satisfied with my work and my career. That's hard to find."
—Senior Accountant

"In this community, many people don't necessarily know very much about accountants, but they know the Packer Thomas name and associate it with quality. I am proud to be a part of the Packer Thomas family." —Senior Accountant

"It is great to be able to ask questions and not have to worry that you're interrupting someone from their work. The staff at Packer Thomas are more than willing to assist you on whatever you are working on." —Associate Accountant

“I felt welcomed and valued the moment I arrived at Packer Thomas. Management is superb when it comes to helping me balance work and family obligations. The level of expertise within our company is outstanding.” —Administrative Staff

"Packer Thomas has given me the ability to succeed. You can go as far as you want at Packer Thomas. Everyone is given the same career opportunities. It is up to you, and only you, to seize those opportunities." —Senior Manager

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