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Estate Planning Experts:

John Donchess, CPA Principal
John Donchess, CPA

Customized Planning:

Estate planning services from Packer Thomas offer more than just the necessary paperwork. The advisors focus on issues important to you.

The significance of family and business relationships, financial security, privacy, tax and cost savings and even promoting long-term social goals are all part of the formula in creating an effective estate plan. It takes training and experience to address these and the countless additional issues that affect an estate plan.

To assure the most effective plan possible is being created for you, Packer Thomas seeks input from and consultation with many of your existing key advisors, including your attorney and financial planners.


As with any great plan, it must be properly implemented to achieve desired results. Our work, therefore, continues until completion of all details necessary to support and administer the estate plan.

Packer Thomas offers a full and complete array of estate planning services performed by experienced, estate-planning professionals.

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