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Services: Information Technology Services

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Innovations Put Man on the Moon…
Where can new technology take your Business?

With the right Information technology, the options are limitless—and Packer Thomas makes it simple. With experienced support and implementation professionals developing custom solutions for your specific needs, you can invest in technology with full confidence.

Are you concerned whether your company's technology is moving in the right direction? Evaluation, acquisition and implementation of information technology and its infrastructure can complicate your strategic capital investment decision. But technology services from Packer Thomas make it easy. With Packer Thomas' experienced decision support and implementation professionals, and custom solutions based on careful analysis of your business goals, needs and challenges—even special solutions tailor-made for financial institutions—you can invest in technology with confidence.

Custom Solutions from Seasoned Experts
Deciding to invest in technology platforms and applications should be determined with a sound strategy, and at Packer Thomas, we help you arrive at a finely tuned technology decision. We focus on the way you run your business and your vision for the future—there's no boilerplate here—using practical and objective assessment processes to help you navigate the complexities of strategic technology decision making. During your engagement, a senior team of Packer Thomas technology leaders will be on site at your company, and will be with you every step of the way—from strategic planning through implementation. Packer Thomas will help your business define long-term goals and show you how to take the gridlock out of the decision-making process. Our experts will guide you through the budgeting process, vendor selection, risk assessment, and every stage of project implementation.

Technology services include:

  • Strategic Technology Planning and Implementation. Identify critical technology to support and enhance your strategic business objectives. We'll assist you with the development and help you set priorities for capital budgeting.
  • Business Technology Utilization and Needs Assessment. Analyze and evaluate your company's use of information systems and other technology that could impact your business and profitability. We'll issue to you a company-wide report card on your technology utilization and critical needs.
  • Implementation. Lead critical technology and systems implementation projects. Working with your management team, Packer Thomas will identify key milestones, develop task plans and build timelines to assure your success.
  • Information Systems Audits. Conduct audits of information systems, including audits for controls around financial systems, customer data systems, and infrastructure. Using a combination of manual testing and automated controls, several Packer Thomas clients use our services on a regular basis to ensure appropriate security measures are in place and functioning properly.
  • Operational and Security Policies. Develop operations and security policies to meet your needs. We'll help you determine comprehensive standards for your company based on applicable government and industry regulatory protocol.
  • IT Governance and Risk Assessment. Analyze and evaluate your company's use of information systems and other technology that could impact your business and profitability. We'll issue to you a company-wide report card on your technology risks, utilization, and critical needs.
  • Business Continuity. Regardless of the application, infrastructure or control posture, you want your process owners to clearly understand recovery time objectives and corresponding costs. Should you chose a data duplication solution or continue to manage restoration tapes? Packer Thomas is ready to assist your organization structure and improve business continuity risks profile.

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