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Services: Internal Audit Outsourcing

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Getting the Source Out, One Business at a Time.

Developed as a beneficial and cost-saving service, Packer Thomas' Smartsourcing Internal Auditing and Special Project Services are changing the business community.  We provide internal audit and special project services, including merger and acquisition due diligence, information technology audits, and accounting and financial reporting projects.

The Packer Thomas Approach to Internal Audit Outsourcing
You want to reduce costs, become more efficient, increase revenues, and improve your bottom line.  Packer Thomas goes beyond the traditional audit approach—and teaches you the ropes. 

We will communicate regularly with management and the audit committee to ensure there are no surprises and coordinate with your external auditors  throughout the entire process. 

Audit Risk Assessment and Execution
Starting with overall risk assessment, we focus on the major internal and external factors, including your stakeholders’ requirements. 

Our audit programs address the issues of your business and industry, providing reports that assess the control environment, identify potential improvements in operations and controls, and provide value-added recommendations for improvement.

Special Project Services
With the current trend of downsizing and rightsizing, many companies do not have the internal resources or time to assume the additional workload for special projects.  Packer Thomas can help with third party manpower on demand. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact our SmartSourcing Specialists.

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