Seeing April 15th for the First Time 


As an accounting student you learn about the stress of working your first tax season, and what to be prepared for by the time you start looking for internships. When I was offered an internship at Packer Thomas over the 2024 tax season, safe to say I was more than nervous.

On our first day of training, we started with the basics of our Engagement programs and gradually delved into different types of returns and tasks we would be exposed to. Our trainers were incredibly patient with our intern class, ensuring that we understood each concept before moving forward. They later became our reviewers, making our experience much more comfortable and less daunting as it allowed us to get to know them and vice versa

After completing approximately two weeks of training, I was nervous about going out to my cube and working alone. However, I took comfort in knowing that I was not really alone. I could ask anyone a question and they were always willing to help. Albeit it was still intimidating having to rely on the knowledge you had learned in just a couple of weeks. After the first month on my own, I started to get the hang of things and know what questions to ask and when to ask them. I started preparing 1099’s and then business returns. I realized that I knew more than I thought, and I started getting some good feedback from my reviewers. I was given many opportunities to advance my knowledge and challenge myself with different types of tax returns that I never thought possible in my first internship. Reviewers started giving me bigger business and individual returns but were also letting me try things like employee benefit plans and not-for-profits returns when I had additional time in my schedule.  

My mentors and reviewers played a crucial role in my experience. They were always willing to provide help when I needed it and spend time explaining topics in detail, often using visual examples to ensure my understanding. They also provided consistent feedback on my work throughout busy season. 

Despite the busy season, there was a constant reminder from those around me about maintaining a work-life balance. Fun activities like March Madness were incorporated into our schedule; everyone from the office gathered one Thursday evening, for catered chipotle, cornhole, and even dessert. It gave everyone the opportunity to take a break and enjoy each other’s company while watching the March Madness games. These activities not only brought us together but also added a fun element to an otherwise stressful time.

As the 15th of April approached, four months flew by swiftly. Things weren’t exactly as I had imagined; I had anticipated a frenzy of people rushing to get everything done. However, contrary to my expectations, everyone was kind and willing to assist with any questions I had.

Surviving my first tax season was not just about completing the workload; it was an enjoyable experience. Working in the office, I didn’t feel like an intern, I felt like I was part of the Packer Thomas family. The people at PT wanted to see me succeed, but also threw challenging returns at me to help further my knowledge and learn from my mistakes. Packer Thomas made me excited for a career in accounting, and I could not have asked for a better experience.

Written By: Eileen M., 2024 Intern

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