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Packer Thomas provides a wide array of comprehensive financial services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our offerings encompass:

Accounting and Attestation Services: Packer Thomas delivers reliable accounting services and attestation engagements, ensuring accurate financial reporting and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Business Valuations: Our firm specializes in business valuations, offering expert assessments of the economic worth of businesses. This service is invaluable for transactions, estate planning, strategic decision-making, and divorce/dispute resolution.

Client Accounting Services: We offer client accounting services tailored to the unique requirements of businesses, providing efficient and accurate financial reporting to support decision-making processes.

Forensic Accounting: Packer Thomas excels in forensic accounting, employing investigative techniques to uncover financial irregularities, fraud, or disputes. Our expertise in this area contributes to legal proceedings and resolution.

Information Technology Consulting: Our firm provides information technology consulting services to help businesses optimize their IT infrastructure, enhance cybersecurity, and leverage technology for improved efficiency and productivity.

SOC 1, 2, and 3 Services: Packer Thomas specializes in providing System and Organization Controls (SOC) services, including SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 reports. 

Tax Consulting: Our firm provides comprehensive tax consulting services, offering strategic advice to minimize tax liabilities, optimize financial planning, and ensure compliance with ever-evolving tax regulations.

Our commitment to delivering a diverse range of high-quality financial services positions Packer Thomas as a trusted partner for businesses seeking expert guidance in accounting, valuation, technology, internal controls, and tax matters. Whether it’s addressing immediate financial needs or implementing long-term strategic plans, our dedicated professionals are here to support our clients at every stage of their financial journey.

Our firm specializes in catering to diverse industries, leveraging our expertise to provide tailored solutions and insights. Our key areas of specialization include:

Auto Dealerships: We understand the unique financial challenges and opportunities within the automotive industry, offering strategic financial guidance for auto dealerships.

Construction: With a focus on the construction sector, we provide comprehensive financial services, addressing the specific accounting needs and regulatory requirements of construction businesses.

Employee Benefit Tax and Assurance Services: Packer Thomas possesses the expertise and experience to meet the demanding IRS and DOL requirements, ensuring the safety and security of your plans across all types, including defined contribution, defined benefit, health and welfare, multi-employer, and other ERISA plans.

Manufacturing: We have a deep understanding of the manufacturing sector, offering financial and tax solutions that support operational efficiency and profitability for manufacturing businesses.

Medical Practice: Catering to the healthcare industry, we provide specialized financial services for medical practices, assisting in managing finances, compliance, and maximizing profitability.

Not-for-Profit: Our firm has expertise in working with not-for-profit organizations, helping them navigate unique financial challenges while ensuring compliance with regulations specific to the sector.

Wholesale Distribution: We specialize in providing financial services to wholesale distribution businesses, addressing inventory management, supply chain, and other industry-specific considerations.

Our commitment to industry-specific knowledge allows us to offer tailored and effective solutions, ensuring that businesses in these sectors can optimize their financial performance and navigate industry-specific challenges with confidence. If your business falls within one of these industries, our specialized expertise positions us as a valuable partner in addressing your unique financial needs and goals.

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can be instrumental in tax planning and preparation by offering strategic advice to minimize tax liabilities, accurately preparing and filing tax returns, identifying and maximizing deductions and credits, maintaining organized financial records, and providing support during audits. CPAs offer year-round assistance, ensuring continuous guidance on financial decisions and tax implications. For business owners, CPAs can also advise on tax-efficient business structures and ongoing tax planning. Engaging a CPA is especially beneficial for complex financial situations, self-employed individuals, and those with significant investments, as they bring expertise in navigating tax laws and regulations.

Packer Thomas has established its presence in two convenient locations, serving clients with offices in Canfield and New Castle. Our strategic placement in these areas allows us to efficiently cater to the needs of businesses and individuals seeking professional financial services. With the use of technology, we serve clients across the United States and in Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe.

6601 Westford Place Suite 101 Canfield OH 44406

2815 Wilmington Road Suite 2 New Castle PA 16105

We can be reached by calling 330-533-9777, completing the contact us form on our website or email

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