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Job-Costing Process Tips

Companies that work on customer-specific or long-term projects — such as homebuilders, contractors, custom manufacturers and professional practices — generally track job costs to gauge the profitability of each project. In turn, this helps them

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Financial Advisor handing over keys to a car

Tax Benefits of Company Cars

One of the most appreciated fringe benefits for owners and employees of small businesses is the use of a company car. This perk results in tax deductions for the employer as well as tax breaks

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Financial Tid-Bits

IRS’s Energy Credits Online Tool

The IRS’s Energy Credits Online tool allows clean vehicle dealers to register online and receive dealer advance payments for the Clean Vehicle Credit within 72 hours of the sale of a qualified clean vehicle. The

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Spot and Stop Messaging Attacks
Technology and Security

Spot and Stop Messaging Attacks

Just like in email phishing attacks, cyber criminals often play on your emotions to get you to act by creating a sense of urgency or curiosity, for example. However, what makes messaging attacks so dangerous is there is far less information and fewer clues in a text than there is in an email, making it much harder for you to detect that something is wrong.

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